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“It takes a village as they say. And we agree.”

We want to say a HUGE thank you to the following individuals that have supported us along the way in the pursuit of this dream project and adventure! A huge thanks to our family and friends for being present with us while we have schemed, dreamed, and planned for the last three years!

Lou Kimball -- Swansea, MA
Randy & Lisa Galloway -- Harbor Springs, MI
Anonymous Guardian Angel -- Sandy, UT
Jeremiah -- Salt Lake City, UT
Sue & Gene Johnson -- Midloathian, VA


Nancy & CB Stirling -- Sandy, UT
Davy & Abi -- Salt Lake City, UT
Dwayne, Lisa & Quinn Gregory -- St. Pete, FL
180 Studios -- Santa Rosa, CA
Debi & Marty --Troncones, MX

A special thanks to my grandmother, Lou, for being so excited and supportive of this dream to go explore the world and live our lives to the fullest.  Your stories, wisdom, and encouragement have been amazing and will always be close to our hearts.   You are the wisest woman we know!


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