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Our route más o menos in Mexico.  We spent eight months and drove 10,000 miles to incredible places.  


ENSENADA, BAJA - Wine country, fish tacos and just getting started.

SEVEN SISTERS, BAJA - Off-road adventures through the Seven Sisters of the Pacific coast.

CAVE PAINTINGS, BAJA - Incredible untouched, unmarked cave paintings in Baja.

SAN FRANCISQUITO, BAJA - Sea of Cortez, crystal clear waters, jumping rays and Colin’s first spear fishing meal.  The sunset colors are pastel and so beautiful.

SAN JUANICO, BAJA - In the top three surf spots we loved the most in all of Mexico.  We also had to deal with our faulty battery issue that in the end we learned was caused by a combination of issues namely the fridge using 4 times the amount of energy claimed as well as being sold the wrong type of battery by Northstar for our usage.   Aside from that you have waves for days and endless days of chilling out.

GUANAJUATO - This city is awesome.  It is one of our favorite places in Mexico.   We met amazing friends Claudia, Rogelio, Maria and Carlos who are incredible talented individuals who are badass climbers! We climbed all the areas around the city with them and explored little nooks and crannies all over Guanajuato.  We checked out the mummy museum which was definitely a trip! Check out our review about the restaurant Los Campos.

MEXICO CITY - We spent a few weeks in Mexico City and camped at Parque de Chapultepec. The city is huge and definitely is hard to explore all of it in a couple of weeks.

NEVADO DE TOLUCA - This is a beautiful volcano and is worth the hike.  We did the traverse climb and loved it. You can check out more details in our post.

IZTACCÍHUATL - First mountaineering experience at 17,250 feet.  This climb was our favorite so far and definitely challenged our endurance.  Check out our experience in our post about it.

GUERRERO - This state of Mexico is one of our favorites for surfing.  We met amazing new friends, Marty and Debi from Colorado and Dereck and Cynthia from Salt Lake City.  We loved exploring Zihuatanejo and Troncones.  This part of Mexico is rad!

OAXACA - We decided to celebrate Day of the Dead in Oaxaca City. It was such a cool experience.  All the shrines, flowers, colors, painted faces and celebrations were so vivid and brilliant.  Our favorite part of this state was finding all the incredible different Mezcals.

SAN JOSÉ DEL PACIFICO - One of our favorite places in Mexico.  This place is a high elevation mountain paradise.

CHIAPAS - We spent a few weeks in this state and loved learning about the diverse cultures here.  In San Cristobal we installed our new fridge and explored the surrounding communities.   San Cristobal is our other favorite city in Mexico.




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