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We'd like to thank the following organizations and businesses for their support, quality workmanship and outstanding products!  Their support has been incredible and we are grateful to use their gear on our journey.   Check out their websites and the links for more information about the gear we use!



We cannot express our gratitude for being part of the family at 180 Studios in Santa Rosa, California. This build would not have been possible without the resources, space, tools and member contributions we found at "the center" as we so lovingly called it.   Thank you to our friends Dave, Nate, Ken, Anthony, Emma, Judy and Mike for all your support!!! This family will be missed!  

A huge shout out to Quick Pitch and Overland Style for making our shower experiences super swanky and convenient with this awesome shower curtain set up!  We built aluminum brackets to fit the Quick Pitch En Suite on our Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform.  It fits perfectly behind our ladder and is one of our favorite features of the van! Check out out of Washington to get one for you rig! 

Thank you to Scott and Julie with NeatSheets for building us custom bed sheets for our mattress in Peso!  Since our mattress is a custom size we needed custom linens to fit the odd dimensions of our bed.  We are excited to have these bamboo/cotton blend sheets to keep us cool in the the hot tropical climates!

We are so grateful to Seth at Lockrack USA for setting us up to test this surfboard roof rack system for our journey.  It was challenging to figure out the best way to transport our boards on the roof for long distances (50,000 miles) and keep them safe and secure.  This roof rack system is so simple to use and set up!  We had to modify the rack a little bit to fit onto our roof rack tracks, but it works amazing nonetheless.

Jerry at Tembo Tusk - Thank you for supporting our love of whipping up amazing tasting food while on the road with the Skottle!  This is the best cooking device we have used on the road!  Check out how we use their products on Instagram and look for a special discount code in the comments!

We love our Luminoodle Color light rope for our awning from Wafiq at Power Practical!  It is easy to set up and the different color options are great for setting the mood!  This is a great addition to our rig and has come in handy for lighting needs on many occasions.

Chris and Bobby at Santa Rosa Tint - Thank you for believing in our project and doing an amazing job on our windows.  We appreciate all the knowledge and willingness to give advice.   We hope to never have the security film actually tested, but we'll be certain to let you know how it goes.

Suicide Lane Cycles - Thank you for your support along this journey!  We are thankful to have a little space in the shop to finalize the last few details and projects.  

Eric at Ultimate Auto -  Your willingness and enthusiasm to work on the unfamiliar, exotic and mighty Delica has been a breath of fresh air in this industry.   We appreciate all the answers to our questions, your integrity and expertise.

 Cody at Rhino Rack - Thank you for guiding us on the correct measurements for our roof rack and gear along with offering a pro deal to get us on the road!

Thank you Matuse for outfitting us with amazing Geoprene suits for surfing in cooler waters from the California to South America.   They are so comfortable!

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