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Below is only a list of parts that we have upgraded, ordered and have used on Peso. There are probably more options available, but this is what we have used.    If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send us an email.


Dual Battery System 

Starter Battery Northstar NSB-AGM34  - Click here for our setup.

House Battery  VMaxTank SLR85



Fuel Filter - Mitsubishi MB220900

Fuel Filter - Tank: Mitsubishi MB248747

Oil Filter - Mitsubishi MD069782

Air Filter -

Upgraded Shocks

Front Shocks - Bilstein B8 5125  

Part Number: 33-230382
Series: B8 5125
Collapsed Length (IN): 17.91
Extended Length (IN): 29.67
Compression @0.52m/s: 160
Rebound @0.52m/s: 57
Body Diameter: 46mm


Rear Shocks - Bilstein B8 5165 

Part Number: 25-177497
Series: B8 5165
Collapsed Length (IN): 11.77
Extended Length (IN): 19.19
Compression @0.52m/s: 2400
Rebound @0.52m/s: 3665
Body Diameter: 46mm



Torsion Bars

Dobinson Heavy Duty Torsion Bars

  • Model TB43-300
  • 971mm length
  • 26mm width
  • Ordered direct from Dobinson in Australia

Stock Bars **We didn't order, but were able to source these at many OEM parts dealers

LH - MB430180

RH - MB430181


Steering Knuckle (left) MD430220

Tie Rod Ends MD162710

Upper Ball Joints MD241623

Front Wheel Bearings MD092749

Steering Wheel

Grant Installation Kit - #3390

Formula GT 773 - #GT773 (Click here for our install)

**We ordered the Rally 760 and returned it because we didn't like the feel or finish of it. The GT773 is a good fit for the Delica.




Alternator Belt SetMitsubishi MD313660

Oil PumpMitsubishi MD180581

AC Fan Belt -  Mitsubishi MB272652 --Discontinued. New is REMF-6355

Radiator Hoses

UpperMitsubishi MB356383

LowerMitsubishi MB356382

CapMitsubishi MB660171


Rubber for Window Sliders

L - Slider Mitsubishi - MB416313

R - Slider Mitsubishi - MB416314

R - 1/2 Slider Driver Rear - Mitsubishi MB478210

Engine and Lubrication

Oil - Rotella T4 15w40 - 7 quarts or about 6.9 liters

Oil Pressure Switch - 1258A002





Fluid - Diaqueen II/III - About 2 quarts when doing a simple transmission fluid change.





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